#Togo #AshRevolution #Putsch The Potemkin Village of Adolf #Gnassingbe


Faure Gnassingbe from the Potemkin Village of Togo wants to uphold the record for dictatorship in Africa

February of 2005, Gnassingbe Eyadema Etienne collapsed. He’s ruled Togo from 1967 to February 2005 after a bloody coup d’état he orchestrated.
His son, Faure Gnassingbe seized power and changed the constitution at his will. Here, over 800 civilians lost their lives. This crime has gone unprecedented unpublished and unpunished crime; the International Community did nothing about this massacre.

Faure Gnassingbe qualifies himself to be the Monster-in-Mischief of the one party political system of the Gnassingbe clan.

Faure Gnassingbe transformed himself as a cowardly-larded leader who brims with hate for humanity and the progress for the people of Togo. He has massacred and continues to slaughter the innocent; yet buffeted civilians of Togo.

His sequential reasoning is simple; he will fight on his knees those who dare to challenge the 50-year Potemkin kingdom, and will cause the so-called stampede at academic institutions. His motives, yet unknown but framed as he urges his cynical evils to crack down on students.

Hail to the victims! Those who perish have no regret. Those who sustain injuries blame their guts. His full swing to discredit any massive uprising has been justified. He calls on political leaders and blames them for their lack of moral responsibility for trying to challenge his Potemkin regime. Trusting the whitewashed in what appeared to be ad-libbed assert, he confidently mocks his people.

Hail to us, Togolese. Any human mob in Togo will be a stampede. The recent deadly stampedes at the University of Lome, Kara, Dapaong, and across several regions in Togo occur from tear gas (be it the luck to die by asphyxiation) and gunshots loads.

At the civil prisons, innocents’ victims are squeezed tightly against each other while standing up days and nights long. Stiffed, unable to move forward, backward or even breathe; inhumanely clogging the innocent Togolese has not yet convinced the international community to come to the rescue.

Hail to you, my people, I believe that the best way to control a crowd or a mob is the use of massive, deadly power to thump fear among protesters.
In the face of such horrific tragedies that consistently drives the regime of the Gnassingbes. We will prevail. Faure Gnassingbe does not display compassion, comfort, and consolation to the victims’ families and the Togolese communities.

As Shakespeare will lay it, “blue-eyed monster that makes fun -and demonizes- of the victims it devours.” Faure Gnassingbe is an insult to humanity and Togolese particularly — benighted, ignorant, shallow, mindless, bird-brained, witless and cretinous— a wanna-be the pathetic being who swings in the painstaking misery of his people.

Hail to you Togolese. We deal with a hateful king of the Potemkin. In Togo, the government is stoked by vengeful anger for blood and consumed by the thirst and h-u-n-g-e-r for the two-fold needs —power and domination.

Grabbing power by causing animosity, sourcing atrocity and nurturing barbarity, brutality, and bellicosity is what we fight; and we will defeat this regime.

Ben Djagba



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