#Quantic #China with #QUESS project will make Us meet Peoples Observers #UFO

#Quantic #China with the #Quess project will make us meet the Peoples Observers #UFO


« Because of the developments in science, all the countries of the Earth will have to survive and face the » attacks « (or visits) of Peoples Observers of other planets.

The politics of the future will become cosmic or interplanetary. « 

General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), New York Times October 8, 1955.





Quantum Experiments at Space Scale is a scientific space mission developed by the Chinese Space Agency and for the payload by the National Space Science Center (NSSC), whose objective Is to test telecommunications between an artificial satellite called Mozi and ground installations exploiting the concept of quantum teleportation. It constitutes a technological breakthrough in the Chinese space program and a first step towards an inviolable system of encrypted communications.


This is one of the five science missions of the Strategic Priority Program for Space Science (SPP) set up by China as part of its 12th Five-Year Plan 2011. The satellite was launched on 16 August 2016 from the launch base of Jiuquan, located in the Gobi Desert.


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The first Chinese satellite Quess was launched a few weeks ago, behind more than 100,000 engineers scattered all over the world who run after the Asians to catch up!

Catch them up for the war ?!

We hope not!

China may be the nation that will allow the technological leap in the mastery of « Quantum » science that will awaken the Human Consciousness to raise its reason and its acceptance to receive the official visit of our « neighbors » of the Cosmos.

If the « Quess » program will not be sabotaged or deviated, if the mastery of this « infinite » technology will not remain within the « military » perimeter then the Humanist Revolution will take place here and now.


The Quantic Era will open a perspective to Humanity that even the greatest authors of Sciences Fictions (SF) have dared to imagine!

It will pull the Peoples out of their enslaved state under the cloak of their Satanist globalist leaders who have been plundering their spiritual energy for a long time.

The Chinese state will give a blow to old monotheistic religions their sworn enemies since the Observing Peoples will give their vision of the History of Humanity.

But it is not too late for the Vatican to free the books that have been locked up for centuries in its cellars for tens of kilometers.

The Satanist Masonic Fraternity and the Occult Nobility will also have to conclude their spring cleansing and the availability of the knowledge of the peoples for centuries from the Egyptian tombs, Bucegi Mountain in Transylvania, Iraq, Mali, Peru and many other corners of the Earth …

Freemasonry is also at the crossroads: dying from its dehumanized arrogance with small criminal and business pacts on the backs of humans or accompanying with humility and wisdom the advent of the coming Universal Prophecy, Free Energy to the Infinite for may be touched with the tip of his fingers the Great Architect and the Universe or rather its representatives …



Women and Men will finally discover that Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus is not the only representative of God but is only a member of the Eloïms visiting the Earth for millennia …

Did Konstantin Batygin not discover by chance the presence of another planet hitherto unobtainable in our Solar System, a star that previously did not exist?

Proof that the Observing Peoples are already there, waiting hidden in the depths of space for our reaction to the « march » of Quess …

I, the undersigned Comte Mathieu Nalecz-Cichocki Grand Master of the Ultimate Lodge of the Peoples Observers with power to grasp the ambivalence of the word « Ultimate » for the Brothers and Sisters.


Comte Mathieu Nalecz-Cichocki

Grand Master of the Ultimate Lodge of the Peoples Observers

Head of the Government of the Togolese Resistance

President of Peuples Observateurs 2010





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