#FrenchElection #Scandal #Obama support #Macron for 100 Billion stolen from #Gaddafi


Obama support Macron for the 100 Billion stolen from Gaddafi

A few days after a telephone exchange where he had simply wished him « good luck », Barack Obama addressed the French in a video message to openly support Emmanuel Macron.

« Because of the importance of this election, I want you to know that I support Emmanuel Macron, » said the former US president, concluding his speech a little more than a minute by « En Marche! Long live France! ».

« I do not intend to get involved in many elections now that I will not be here any more, but the French election is very important for the future of France and the values ​​that matter to us, Said the Democrat, who said « admire the campaign » led by « Emmanuel ».

Barack Obama the creator of « DAESH » (ISIS) with Hillary Clinton had attacked Libya in 2011 with Nicolas Sarkozy and it is at this time that he has knowledge of the treasure of Libya: 150 billion US Dollars of which 143 tons Gold and almost as much money.

Officially NATO abducted one shot.

In April 2012, the prefect Edouard Lacroix sent by François Hollande, who had been granted access to part of the stock, died in one day of a terrible cancer!

While the former oil minister of Kadhafi Choukri Ghanem is found drowned in Vienna in Austria.

Presumably with the passive complicity of the French finance minister, Pierre Moscovici, the economic adviser of the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron and various business bankers, the US Treasury Department is taking over the pact.

The break of the century of 100 billion dollars!

It should be added to all this that for the 2007 presidential elections we already know that the Franco-Lebanese intermediary Takkiedine carries 57 million euros in Paris on behalf of candidate Sarkozy.

But what can people know is that the socialist candidate Segolene Royal via a former Socialist finance minister comes to look for 25 million euros in Tripoli!

Finally Sarkozy the « traitor to the Fatherland » who gave more than 600 tons of gold from France to these Yankee friends, becomes an employee of Qatar for 3 million euros annually and directs the Columbia Investments.

This traitor to France has just joined the Board of Directors of the French group ACCOR Hotels …

T.M. and Peuples Observateurs



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