#Togo #AshRevolution Controversial #Togolese minister #CinaLawson abandoned his post !


Togo Politics – The highly controversial Togolese minister Cina Lawson has most likely abandoned his post for about two and a half months, and the question of President Faure Gnassingbé’s reaction unleashes passions. Cina Lawson had everything to be a star within the Togolese government. Trained in Applied Economics and Finance at the prestigious Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, in History at Paris X University and then at Harvard, the 44-year-old politician has a CV that would make her dream of more than one.

Beginning his career at the World Bank before joining the Orange France group does not, however, generally hurt either. Mrs. Lawson therefore raised more expectations than questions when she joined the Togolese government in the Ministry of Posts and Digital Economy as a telecommunications specialist in 2010. Sadly, her journey since can be summarized as a beautiful disappointment.

Rhinestones and sequins

The test of reality did not succeed in Cina Lawson. Apart from having managed to make President Faure Gnassingbé indispensable, the achievements of the telecommunications professional are rare and debatable. A young world leader, according to the World Economic Forum, Lawson can also be proud of being considered one of the most influential women on the continent according to Forbes and Jeune Afrique magazine. A lot of noise for nothing, according to the average Togolese who should be the only judge. Unable to rectify the precarious situation in Togolécom due to disastrous management, the ghost minister could not do anything to improve the value for money of the communications networks of her country. The speed of the Internet, for example, is so problematic that it is now a real brake on the development of Togo. Lawson has multiplied empty statements, sometimes contradictory or even downright scandalous, but none of these beautiful (or less beautiful) words has translated into concrete results.

The Ministry of Posts and the Digital Economy

Much can be blamed on Mrs. Lawson, but certainly not to tarnish the image of her ministry, which already has an unenviable reputation. The Ministry of Posts and the Digital Economy is known as a ghost structure with questionable functioning. Indeed, this cabinet has no organization chart, secretary-general or even director, in any case more since the resignation of the last to have occupied this function following the appointment of Romain Tagba at the head of Togolécom. This situation is even more embarrassing when international emissaries representing bodies such as the IMF or the World Bank find no one to talk to about the management of projects or new technologies.

The fugitive official

In a gesture that would have made her smile if it was the plot of a television series, Lawson left the country more than two months ago (with her mother and sister), claiming an obscure mission To an unknown destination. However, even the most naive can not ignore the fact that officials seconded abroad are prohibited from spending more than two weeks outside the country. Lawson’s department is completely paralyzed by her absence and the aberrant organization of the firm. What are the Prime Minister or President Gnassingbe waiting for?





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