#Tanzania #Scandal false order of Malta by Eric Duval involve Janeth Nswima daughter of Minister of Interior



The false order of Malta by Eric Duval and Boukhers involves Janeth Nswima, who is the only daughter of a former interior minister of Tanzania, a country that has a strategic place in eastern Africa.

Nswima has facilities to introduce the mafia behind Eric Duval in order to obtain a diplomatic recognition of the OSJ of Boulogne.

Having also a broad border with the DRC, it participates in the looting organized in the east of the country and the export to other continents via its immense maritime facade.

President of Tanzania denies freedom of the press
The minister of information, who demanded sanctions against a governor for pressures on a media, was dismissed by the head of state.

By Marie Lechapelays
A governor threatening to imprison a TV station if it does not broadcast a compromising video on one of its opponents, a president ousting the minister who recommends sanctions against this governor: such is the atmosphere in Region of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Nape Nnauye, minister of information in place since December 2015, has been dismissed and replaced by Justice Minister Harrison Mwakyembe, a brief statement by the presidency issued on Thursday (March 23rd).

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This change comes just days after the start of a scandal that involves the governor of the region of Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda, appointed to his post a year ago by President Magufuli himself. According to the parliamentary commission’s investigation, which was carried out in mid-March by the now ex-minister of information and published Wednesday night, John Magufuli’s young foal burst into armed clashes with six armed men on 17 March. Studios of the private television clouds FM and threatened the prison team if it did not broadcast its « program », a video in which a woman admits to having had an adulterine child with Josephat Gwajima, a famous pastor, founder of the church Glory to Christ in Tanzania (GCTC).

According to the Tanzanian daily The Citizen, the governor threatened to involve producers, presenters and sponsors in a drug trafficking case that would lead them to prison. Under pressure, the employees dared to reveal this intrusion only two days later. According to The Citizen, the commissioners tried to contact the main person by going to his workplace, but he fled.

Sanctions required

It was not the first time that the regional governor entered the chain premises. On 14 March he spent the night with the team working on a special program to celebrate the first anniversary of his arrival as governor.

After receiving the report of the parliamentary committee on Monday, Information Minister Nape Nnauye recommended sanctions against the governor and said that this document should serve as a lesson for politicians. « I have a responsibility to protect the media and freedom of expression in this country, and if I fail in that mission, I would not deserve that position. I will recommend to my superiors to take punitive measures against the governor.  »

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The Executive Secretary of the Center for Legal Affairs and Human Rights (LHRC), Helen Kijo-Bisimba, has called for « administrative and criminal sanctions » against the governor, while the new president of the Center for Human Rights The order of the lawyers of the country demanded his dismissal pure and simple.

But the recording of the incident by the CCTV cameras and the open support of the president to his governor, without waiting for the investigation to end, provoked an outcry in the country. « I, as President, do not let myself dictate what I have to do. I decide who should be where. So, you, Paul Makonda, do your work and ignore the rest, « said the head of state Monday, on the sidelines of the inauguration of a construction site.

« Trampling of press freedom »

The media were quick to defend their counterparts. On Wednesday, the Tanzania Publishers’ Forum and the Tanzania Press Clubs called Makonda « an enemy of press freedom », as well as anyone who supports or will support him in trampling Freedom of the press « . The two associations decided to suspend until further notice any coverage of the activities of the governor.

Nicknamed « Tingatinga », « bulldozer » in Swahili, President Magufuli has marked the spirits since his election by deploying an unusually direct, even abrupt, style in his exercise of power. To the point that his detractors now call him an authoritarian and a populist.

According to Reporters Without Borders, the beginning of his presidency coincides with a hardening vis-à-vis the media: several radio stations have been suspended in the space of a few months and a dozen people are pursued because of critical or ironic comments on the social networks. As for the former minister who was due to hold a press conference on Thursday afternoon at a hotel in Dar es Salaam, he had to content himself with delivering his message from his car. The politician called on the Tanzanians to think first of all about their country: « Our concern should not be Nape, but where Tanzania goes.  »








A gauche Jean Michel Boukhers le chef en titre du faux ordre de Malte toujours financé par Eric Duval inquiété par la justice française. Boukhers proche du Commissaire européen socialiste Moscovici a obtenu une Légion d’Honneur bradée au pédophile Eric Duval en janvier 2014.

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