#AfricaIsraelSummit: #Togolese Resistance Leader to #Netanyahu in October create an early political transition!

Summit Africa Israel: Togolese Resistance Leader to Netanyahu in October create an early political transition!

Shalom Bibi !

I come to you for the first time with the white flag.

Your political and economic situation on the African continent is only looting and armed destruction.

By force you want to invite yourself as the thief who settles in the house of the robbery as you do with your illegal wild colonies.

Next October, you decided to organize a fiesta in Togo, North Africa, which for more than 54 years killed, robbed, tortured the Togolese people.

You want to gather on the Earth phosphate that you plundered for decades via your gang Raphael Edery and his son all the countries of Africa to apply your fascist policy against the African peoples.

No ! It can not be done that way and you know it unless you are still looking for war to try to fill the political vacuum you have been applying to the People of Israel for too long.

I take a step towards you in Peace because I love the People of Togo and that of Israel more than you.

I propose to organize your Africa-Israel Summit in October 2017, the only subject of which will be the implementation of the short-term political transition process which will see the handover of Adolf Gnassingbé to a coalition of recognized actors of The policy and especially the civil society and the youth of Togo.

You and I will win in the name of the Togolese people. You will have organized your Summit in tranquility and the Togolese people will have a peaceful transition under the aegis of a continental sponsorship.

I hope with all my heart that this honest proposal will convince you to choose the path of Peace and the construction of the right on the Togolese soil that you want to repay by this act so noble.

Bibi I know you know what it means to « Dare! »

Let us dare the Peace together and build this time a bridge of Fraternity!

Africa-Israel Summit: The Summit where Israel created the advent of a peaceful transition in the oldest dictatorship in Africa.

« You can not solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it. »Albert Einstein

P.S. « Yoni » give me this fantastic idea from the « other world ».


Comte Mathieu Nalecz-Cichocki

Chef de la Résistance togolaise

CEO of Peuples Observateurs

Lomé le 02/03/2017

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