#Togo #USA #Liberia #FBI veut neutraliser ses mercenaires Yeaten et ses 200 gars chez Adolf Gnassingbé

#Togo #USA #Liberia Le FBI veut neutraliser ses mercenaires libériens Yeaten, Warrick anciens de l’US Army chez Adolf Gnassingbé

Scandale ! Tous les criminels défroqués se retrouvent chez Gnassingbé !

Le pédo Germanos rayé des cadres de l’Armée française, les Yeaten et compagnie ancien des services spéciaux de l’US Army conseillent et forment le timonier togolais Adolf Gnassingbé !

Le problème c’est que les USA sont responsables du sang qui va couler si les 200 mercenaires libériens, plus les anciens de la Garde Présidentielle de Compaoré et d’autres vont commencer à zigouiller les togolais à l’aide des milices de Laokpessi…

Report about the resurfacing of Liberia’s notorious rebel commander, General Benjamin Yeaten in the Gambia with more than 200 ex-fighters from Liberia to provide protection for President Yahya Jammeh in case of any military actions by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has created serious concern in Liberia.

A local daily reported here in Monrovia on Thursday, December 22, 2016 that the ex-President Charles Taylor security commander has over the past months has been secretly recruiting several ex-fighters, mainly from the defunct rebel groups of National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) and United Liberation Movement (ULIMO).

Benjamin Yeaten, alias 50, is among the most feared bodyguards of former President Charles Taylor who is currently serving a 50-year prison term for aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone.

Former President Taylor`s hit man has been on the run since he escaped from Liberia in 2003.
Believed to be residing in West Africa, it was recently reported that US Federal Bureau of Investigation was close to have him arrested from his hideout.

During anexhilarating but fearful testimony at the continuation of the TRC public hearings in Monrovia in 2008, one of the witnesses said General Benjamin Yeaten, former chief of staff of the disbanded Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) murdered his fiancée before fleeing the country in 2003.

According to the TRC released issued in Monrovia on July 22, 2008, the witness told the commissioners at the hearing that General Yeaten killed his wife before leaving the country.
The witness, who was a captive at Yeaten’s Congo Town residence for six months after he was transferred from Lofa County on suspicion of being a fighter for the LURD rebel group, explained that one day the feared ATU commander returned home and asked for tarpaulin before it was discovered that his fiancée only named “Babygirl” had been killed.

The witness, James Y. Kollie, said after the killing, which was secretly carried out under the cover of darkness, there were concerns amongst bodyguards, servants, and captives about the conspicuous absence of Babygirl.

Kollie said the remains of the victim was wrapped in the tarpaulin and transported in Yeaten’s pickup to an unknown destination.

He said before the murder he heard the victim telling a female associate only known as “Wedor” that for the first time since her acquaintance with her “husband” he had offered her liquor to drink.

Since that day, the witness explained, Babygirl was not seen in the compound.
Kollie said shortly after the killing, which was followed by the arrival of the Economic Military Intervention in Liberia (ECOMIL) peacekeepers into the country, Yeaten fled into exile.

He said during his period of captivity several other captives were paired and ordered to fight until one of them got killed.

In one of the incidents, Kollie explained, the nephew of a captive was killed him in a grueling fight.

The establishment of Liberia`s TRC was agreed upon in the August 2003 peace agreement and created by the TRC Act of 2005. The TRC was established to “promote national peace, security, unity and reconciliation,” and at the same time make it possible to hold perpetrators accountable for gross human rights violations and violations of international humanitarian law that occurred in Liberia between January 1979 and October 2003.

The Liberian civil crisis which claimed the lives of nearly 400,000 people forced several hundreds of thousands homeless and some sought refuge in the other neighboring countries.


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Controversial former Executive Protection Service (EPS) Director, Daniel Othello Warrick, has died. He took his last breath early Saturday, August 1, morning, less than 24 hours after he reportedly experienced a brain aneurism (brain disturb or blood filled in the brain) at his home in Monrovia, a former colleague said.
Our Executive Mansion source said the deceased had undergone brain surgery, while serving with the US Armed Forces, but departed against medical advice (AMA) to seek a job opportunity in his native home, Liberia, in the administration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
The late Warrick gained notoriety for his aggravating remarks toward Liberian journalists, in his capacity at the time as Director of the Executive Protection Service – the presidential guard – invoking the power of his gun against the power of the pen, should they publish any content that he was not satisfied with. “Be careful,” he told a forum of journalists in his keynote address at the 2013 celebration of World Press Freedom Day in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, “because you have your pen and we have our guns. And if you incriminate the character or integrity of Liberians, like myself, we will come after you.”
Under intense pressure to retract his remarks or resign, he later commented that his remarks were quoted out of context.
Responding to media blackouts against the President for not reprimanding her chief bodyguard, President Sirleaf in apparent defense of Warrick said, “The blackouts can continue as long as they want,” adding, “I like it that way.”
Mr. Warrick spent his final hours at the Aspen Medical health facility in Sinkor, awaiting a transfer abroad for further medical attention concerning his condition.
Our source said friends, family members and loved ones; even the Executive Mansion, where he last worked, made last minute efforts to airlift him to Dakar, Senegal on Friday, July 31, for an emergency procedure, but weather conditions prevented them from doing so until the following day, Saturday, when he expired.
“The medical chopper was due in Monrovia early Saturday morning, but the former the EPS director did not survive and was pronounced dead early Saturday morning,” our source said.
In 2005, Daniel Othello Warrick ended a 10-year career in the United States Navy, where he served with distinction, bearing several meritorious awards. He served as a recruiter; participated in several missions; and served on several US Naval ships as a gas and turbine engineer.
A year later, Warrick returned to his homeland, Liberia to serve in the administration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, first as Deputy Defense Minister for Administration. Drawing on his experience as a former recruiter in the US Navy, he played a key role in the restructuring and policy design of the new Armed Forces of Liberia.
Warrick obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management Information Systems from the University of Maryland, University College (USA) and subsequently a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the same institution. He also obtained two prestigious certificates: one in Budgeting and Management from the United States Naval Postgraduate School; and a certificate in Leadership in Development from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.
Since his departure from the presidential guard in early 2014, Warrick devoted his time to his family, and a few private sector pursuits, particularly in agriculture and real estate business.
Surrounded by his close relatives and friends at the time of his death, Warrick, a son of Grand Bassa County, is survived by his wife Marjay, two beautiful children and a host of relatives and friends both at home in Liberia and the Diaspora.

“Let me assure the PUL and its members and register that the level of freedom you have has limitation. It does not go beyond the emblem of Liberia. You have the right to presidential freedom but if you come into the affairs of the EPS that requires information of the President’s movement, we consider that as an infringement to the safety of the President and anyone doing that will be arrested by the Executive Protection Service,” Warrick maintained.

“You are not more Liberians than the others. The EPS is to protect the Presidency, the Vice President and the first family and as indicated in the law, to protect dignitaries as directed by the President. Government is to provide civic responsibility to security and it is not the EPS responsibility to provide law and order; it is the Liberia National Police. It is not my responsibility to provide territorial integrity protection at the geographical borders; it is the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL); what the EPS does is to provide protection for individuals and dignitaries; we do not provide protection for all citizens,” the EPS boss seemingly clarified.

He attributed the freedom that is enjoyed to the ascendency of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as President of Liberia as well as to the many dead bodies he revealed are behind the Executive Mansion and the unknown graves noting, “Those represent the essence of the freedom we anticipate today” and said the name Special Security Service (SSS) was changed to EPS due to its history of harassment.

‘We said we will not harass; arrest and or ensure that journalists go missing but do not allow individuals to mislead you to question the integrity of those that have earned those integrities over the years. We are not saying you cannot preach freedom and transparency; the level of crucifixion must be sanctioned by yourself because as you go out and question the integrity of Liberians you should remember that you yourself will not go free. Not all of ‘us’ who are pen pushers; few of us that want to be terrorists, to turn the hands of people to be giving stories to publish things about others be reminded that the protection of the presidency remains the sole responsibility of the EPS therefore my solution is that as you go into 2014-2017, those with good intentions can get together because as we go into 2017 its going to be very critical, most UNMIL personnel will be out of Liberia by 2014.’

He said the solution to security-media relations is to begin to think about how it can be coordinated to maintain the peace and that the EPS is not against press freedom but that there are some individuals in the media who continue to go after character assignation and remembering and reading the comprehensive drawdown; there is a need for dialogue.

On the issue of taking EPS personnel to a ‘World Press Freedom Day’ program well armed, the EPS boss bragged, ‘I do not want to replicate the Benjamin Yeaten concept; these are just the Executive Protection Service and they are my private protection as we come to Grand Bassa that has nothing to do with the journalists. I have not come to harass you neither to intimidate you.’

However, the Country Director of Trust Africa, Ezekiel Pajibo said President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did not give Liberians any rights instead, “It was fought for and earned by the people of Liberia.”

Also serving as one of the panelists at the celebrations held in Buchanan City over the weekend, Mr. Pajibo said, “We will be steadfast in enjoying those rights. We are law abiding people; we will remain law abiding and our rights are constitutionally protected not by an individual.”

He said no amount of threats will deter Liberians because the rights enjoyed are enshrined in the Constitution of Liberia and protected and that nobody should misguide people that the rights given today are provided on a platter.

Buttressing Mr. Pajibo’s statement, the former president of the Press Union of Liberia, Abraham Massalley recalled how during his tenure as president of the Union, not a single day he went home unmolested for some reports that were unfavorable to government.

He said but he remained true to his value and what he stood for knowing that this freedom would be earned and today every journalist can see some level of freedom. “It was not given on silver platter; we paid the ultimate price. Freedom is never free, you always have to fight hard; it’s a constant struggle and your struggles have begun but know that this freedom you enjoy should be passed on to prosperity. Freedom has responsibilities and we cannot afford to continuously abuse this freedom. We have a social responsibility to ensure that our code of conduct and ethics are fully adhered to and that those who break it should pay the price for it. Freedom is never free,” Massallay averred.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister for Public Affairs, Isaac Jackson said the constitution was in existence since 1986 and that the media has been muzzled, therefore it will be unfair for someone to say that the freedom enjoyed is because of the constitution.

Mr. Jackson who was also a guest said the media is transgressing from that sad history and has been promoted because of a good leadership, a leadership that has proven democratization and is willing to adhere to the rule of law.

He wondered why the Ellen-led government cannot be appreciated for making substantial strive in creating an environment for the promotion of free press in the country without journalists arbitrarily arrested.

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